****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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 CKC YORKIES and first-generation YORKIEPOOS, the best and cutest puppies ever!

 If you came here looking for a dog, we don't have any. We have 4-legged companions. I, Nancy K Fowler CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for shortness or lose of breath as you ooh and aww over the pictures. Nor liable for any mishaps as you race to contact me for more details. Don't be alarmed if you become addicted to checking out my website daily because you wouldn't be the first to fall in love with these cute little babies.

BEWARE!!! Enter at the risk of adorable puppy addiction!!!

Bred to perfection!  They will not shed and are easily trained because of their intelligence.These puppies are socialized and treated really special. They'll snuggle on the couch with you as you're watching tv and full of fun during playtime. If this is the kind of puppy that you're looking for, you've came to the right place....so scroll down to see the available ones for sale. All puppies will be current on vaccines and dewormings before leaving. Healthy guaranteed! Each one leaves with health records for your vet and every puppy is CKC registered.

Please contact me Nancy Fowler in Boiling Springs, SC (Spartanburg county)...


or call me at home: 864-578-2048 (not a cell phone to accept text messages)

  Thanks everyone for checking my website!

 You deserve the best...a lifetime of happiness!

 I don't have a waiting list, instead I maintain a Puppy Announcement List (PAL). Members are the first to know when new litters arrive even before it's posted on this website. They also have the latest news and updates at scyorkiepoos including any discounts offered. It's not hard to join, just send me an email stating that you'd like to be added and that's all you have to do...simple!          


Now is a good time to become a member of PAL

Many times the puppies are reserved before I have time to post them on the website. Why? Because PAL members are notified be first and have the best opportunity to reserve a puppy.

FYI- The puppies weigh 2-15 pounds at maturity. Please don't ask for a 'teacup' because people have different ideas about what a 'teacup' is. The final weight isn't guaranteed, but most of my puppies weigh 5-7 pounds when grown. I can guarantee the puppies are the best companions and you'll love them.



No, I don't run a puppy mill and will report people who do. 



  Bubbles gave birth on 10/01/21.

Trixie had babies on 10/04/21.

Dallas delivered her babies on 10/05/21.

PUPPY ANNOUNCEMENT LIST members will get the first opportunity to reserve one. It's FREE to become a PAL member, just send me an email...


Keyta, Snickers and Callie are due in November.


(Full YORKIE PUPPIES are expected in December)



Roxy and Tootsie are due

in December.


Lucky little studs...



Yes, I'm a BREEDER...

Food receipts for dog food.

I have more whelping supplies than medication and first aid stuff for myself.

I have vaccines in my fridge, my vet is on speed dial and multiple puppy pens in my living room.

I'm a breeder, who when bad weather strikes save my dogs/puppies before taking cover myself.

My feet find a way to the puppy pens before eating breakfast, spend time with the puppies throughout the day and telling them goodnight before going to bed.

Personal plans revolve around delivering or hand-feeding puppies, heat dates, whelp dates, visitors, puppies going home, vet appointments, etc. Many times I'm not able to attend family outings or holiday celebrations with my family because my 'dogs' are my top priority.

I'm a breeder who has been covered in bodily dog fluids on more occasions than I dare to admit. Most of my phone conversations with my friends revolve around my dogs, they're all I think about. When I get exhausted and feel like I can't do another sleepless night hand feeding puppies every 2 hours I remind myself it's all worth it when I place a puppy in the hands of their new owner.

I am a breeder who sacrifices my own sanity and rest to wake up every hour to check out a female in labor. Many people can't understand what it's like to invest so many hours to help a weak puppy and ultimately loose the battle or the joy I feel when the puppy survives.

I'm a breeder who has bottle fed and even sponge fed, doing whatever it takes to ensure the puppy's survival. My vet knows me by my first name and has witnessed me crying when things don't work out.

I'm a breeder and that 63 days of waiting takes on a new meaning each time I hear newborn puppy cries, I get so excited. These little guys depend on me for their survival. I can't wait until they're 2 weeks old, open their eyes and emerge from the newborn helplessness. Puppy breath, a first bark and exploring the new world soon follows.

I am a conscientious animal lover and I've found my niche.

I'm a breeder I'm not cruel, dumb, uncaring or criminal. I take responsibility for every life I bring into this world and ensure it goes to a wonderful, loving a perfect home. An extension of the same love and care they experienced from my home.

I'm not raking in money by sitting on my butt. Every penny is earned through sweat, tears, heartache, hard work and tears. My greatest joy is a healthy puppy going to a perfect home. The thank you cards and gifts are the fringe benefits for my efforts. I am an animal lover, nurse, midwife, heavy laborer, customer service representative and marketer.


It costs appx. $1500.00 each month to keep my adults fed, healthy and happy. That's not including my time and I do devote my whole day to them. I groom, dock puppy tails/remove dew claws and administer vaccines and medicine to my crew in order to save money. Considering that I barely break even by selling puppies, please don't ask for a discount...I just can't do it without raising the prices of the puppies.


  Please check out other breeders and rescues before you purchase a new little 'friend'.  I encourage folks to check out local shelters and rescues. Although I'm doubtful that you'll find a perfect little yorkiepoo, you may find something that'll just capture your heart.